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Mind Clarity

In the modern world, we are bombarded by different stimuli incessantly. Our minds are not designed to operate under dissipated focus for such long periods of time.

We can often feel it, but can't pinpoint exactly why we don't utilize our full potential.

Enhance® and Charge® help clear the constant mind fog, increase focus and boost short-term memory.*

Stress reduction

We're often not even aware of the amount of subliminal stress we're exposed to daily. It tends to morph our long-term mood, sometimes even our perception of the world.

The concealed stress often comes from unbalanced nutrition and consequential neurotransmitter and hormonal disharmony.

Adaptogenic ingredients help with reduction of stress and anxiety through various metabolic pathways, always keeping them in balance.*

Health and Immunity

Health and immunity need to be cultivated and supported through numerous metabolic pathways. They're the generator of inner energy and well-being.

The plants we use are like mini pharmacological factories - they produce hundreds of natural compounds which increase overall well-being and boost the immune system.*

Our body is not just a tool or vehicle for our mind - we Are our body. Help your physical self run the processes needed to keep you healthy.

Energy boost

Vitality and inner energy are the original stimulant. Nature designed our bodies to feel a constant bliss, not to crave external stimulation to feel good.

Charge® provides increased energy without the unnatural boost and crash like with coffee or energy drinks.*

Nature's Apothecary

Organic ingredients
All of our ingredients are organically certified by Organic Farmers and Growers, one of UK's leading organic control bodies. This means they are completely free from pesticides, artifical chemical fertilizers, GMO ingredients, chemicals, additives or fillers.

Clean handling
Almost all of our ingredients are completely raw, which means that the products have not been heated over 47 degrees, which ensures that the nutritional value is maintained.

All of the products are characterized by high bioavailability, which means they are easily absorbed in the gut and easily assimilated. We don't use fillers or flow agents that inhibit absorption or disrupt the gut microbiome.

Ethically sourced
We favour farms and partners with high social and environmental standards who support their growers, give back to their local communities and work in harmony with nature.