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Role models and mentors

Posted by Noble Savage on
Role models and mentors

Having a role model whose actions and achievements guide you on your path is great. Having a mentor is even better. You learn to align your expectations from life, you observe how to manage uncertainty, you learn from successes as well as from failures.


But most people aren't that lucky. (Good) mentors are rare. Even if you find one, you might not be ready for him ("The mentor appears when the disciple is ready.") 


However, there's a hack – a mindset shift.


The negative role model. Instead of being angry and annoyed at people for behaving and acting in a way that's not up to your standards or values, observe them and learn from them.


Visualize EXACTLY what you would do differently and WHY you would do it differently. „He's stupid“ or „I would never do that“ is not a frame of mind you can learn from.


You need exact reasons detached from emotions. You need the discipline to apply surgical precision when defining your thoughts and determining what triggers your thought patterns.


You need precision and dedication to pinpoint your goal, motivations, and all of the behaviors that are subconsciously arising to orient you towards your goal. A man cannot be at the mercy of his own mind, a slave of his own thought patterns.


Why am I reacting the way I am to what this guy just said?


What would I do differently? Why? Just to get approval and signal virtue or because it's aligned with my values?


What are the reasons behind his reasoning? Am I annoyed because he's wrong or because he struck a nerve in me?


This mindset opens up an immense number of learning opportunities every single day, everywhere around you even in the most mundane situations.


Until a mentor arrives, you can become your own.


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